Here’s to the Negative Self-Talkers

“I’m so over it!”

“Problem after problem lands on my desk and guess what? I don’t care!”


“Oh wow, it feels really good to admit that.”

​My former colleague contacted me after years of losing touch and shared his frustration and his dream.

I could feel his smile through the phone.

​He went on…

“I want to help people in a way that feels really good.”

He proceeded to tell me about his idea to launch a speaking, coaching and consulting business.

“I want to finally build the dream that my husband and I have talked about for years.”

​My response: “Yes! Ok, let’s do it!”

​Suddenly, I could feel his smile disappear and get replaced by those worry lines of a furrowed brow (really, and this wasn’t even a zoom call!)

“Ummm, well, no… I can’t do that.”

​He proceeded to tell me all the reasons why he couldn’t build his dream while he helped people in a way that excited him.

​Money, time, buy-in from his family, just to name a few of his reasons.

​We talked through each one of his concerns and they were ALL figure-outable!

And that’s when we finally got to the root of what was really holding him back…

“I’m not an expert. Who’s going to listen to me?”

Ahh and there we have it.

Good ‘ol Imposter Syndrome.

The most common self-imposed misconception about our abilities, our worth, and our potential.

​Imposter Syndrome is felt by almost everyone who is beginning to own what they are capable of and getting out of their comfort zone.

​So right now, in the midst of your imposter syndrome, you have a choice.

Option A:

​You can choose to believe that NO ONE has your perspective, innate talents, experiences, ability to overcome adversity, and view of the world.

And THAT is what makes you an expert.​


Option B:

You can choose to allow Imposter Syndrome to hold you back.

​If you choose Option A, it’s worth diving a bit deeper into the cause and cure of Imposter Syndrome.

So what triggers your imposter syndrome?

1. Comparison:​​

Social media posts – other people’s stories of success are the usual suspects for triggering Imposter Syndrome. Just know that the twangs of jealousy are simply a sign that you are holding back what you have in you to get the same results if you want them.

2. Compliments:

After a large group program I conducted, one of the participants came up to me and told me I reminded her of Brene Brown! Wow, I was flattered, and then completely thrown by the comparison. Imposter Syndrome created negative thoughts like:

“Why did she think that? Was I not original enough?”

When we can’t receive a simple compliment, it’s a sure sign we are feeling like an imposter.

3. Staying on the sidelines:

The longer you stay on the sidelines, the bigger that negative voice becomes. Any small action seems monumental when we wait for the perfect time, the perfect words or the perfect environment.

Imposter Syndrome doesn’t mean you aren’t as good as, smart as, or as capable as someone who doesn’t have Imposter Syndrome.

​It just means that you have the opportunity to shift your thoughts when you are in those moments of feeling “less than.”

What to do to shut down Imposter Syndrome each and every time it comes up:

(This is the exact process I went through each time I had a successful shift in my business.)

Step 1:

Recognize when you are resisting an action that will help you get more of what you want.

Step 2:

Ask yourself: “What story am I telling myself that is preventing me from taking action?”

Step 3:

What about that story is true?

Step 4:

What about that story is NOT true? Write down all the reasons why that story is NOT true. (Your wins, experiences, etc. that led you to where you are today and makes taking that action the natural next step.)

Step 5:

Rewrite your story and take the action that you have been resisting.

Goodbye negative self-talk.

Goodbye Imposter Syndrome.

Hello Legacy.

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