Umm, do I know you?

A while back, I was on a flight to a workshop I was facilitating in a beautiful beach location.

(Remember when we went to beautiful beach locations pre-COVID?)

​I was working away making last minute changes to my talk when a woman sat down next to me.

Woman: Carrie? Is that you? Oh my gosh, how are you? It’s been so long!

Me: [thinking] Who is this person?? I was racing through my past lives trying to figure out how I knew this lovely woman.

Me: [talking] Oh hey! I’m great. How are you?

Woman: How are (proceeds to name every member in my family!)? What are you doing these days?

I was trying to act totally cool, pretending that of course I remembered who this person was. And I knew I had to figure it out fast because the longer this flight went on, the more awkward this would become.

​So I answered her questions and ask “what about you?” while looking for clues to identify how I know her.

​I was doing all I could to avoid asking the dreaded awkward question:

Do I know you??

Finally she shared what she had been doing since “we both worked with so and so.”

​… Ahhh, got it! She was a contractor my marketing team had hired many years ago. And she was (and still is) awesome.

​We had a great and authentic conversation about our families, our work and what we’re both trying to build (it was a long flight).

​It was refreshing.


​Because it was real. And authentic.

These are two aspects of relationships that I highly value because for a long time, I didn’t always have them in my professional life.

In the past, I was a high achieving female executive in a conservative culture dominated by men. (I’m not conservative nor male).

​Like many of my executive clients who happen to be women, there was this self-imposed pressure to be who others needed me to be and to censor my authentic voice for one that was more of a cultural fit for the organization.

​When we censor ourselves, we create walls of inauthenticity and formality that prevent us from truly knowing one another.

Well, this post is going to break down that wall of inauthenticity and formality between us.

Are you ready?

If you are wondering who is behind the screen over here, let me share a bit about who I really am, so you don’t have to ask me the awkward question: Do I know you?

​Hi, I’m Carrie Koh and I help high achieving professional women translate their corporate talents into a thriving consulting business of their own without wasting time and money due to self doubt, fear of judgement, and a scattered focus.

  • I grew up in a town of 2,000 people in northern Wisconsin. My high school class had 56 kids. Our town had no stop lights!​
  • I love being in nature and I love being in luxury even more. Luxury and nature combined is the holy grail, which is why I love skiing at beautiful mountain resorts.​
  • I’m a Gen-Xer and growing up I was obsessed with downhill skiing, (and consistently skipped basketball practice to night ski in Wisconsin… brrrr), Powder Magazine, Knightrider and the Detroit Pistons. I had posters of Isiah Thomas and David Hasselhoff (and Kitt) hanging in my room.
  • I moved to Aspen in the 90’s to be a ski bum for 3 years. It was glorious. I have always liked playing over working. Which is why I had to find work that was as fun as play.
  • Everyone thinks I’m an extrovert, but I’m really an introvert. I love quiet mornings with my squishy lab Henry Melvin before my husband and son wake up. ​
  • My beautiful and heartbreaking experience as a mom to a special-needs son who lost his battle with his muscle disease introduced me to what I am really made of. I help others to realize what they are really made of without the pain of going through trauma or loss. ​
  • I believe high achieving professional women are undervalued and we have been conditioned to settle in both subtle and overt ways. I also believe that we have the power to change that by stepping into our worthiness and innate strengths and making bold moves.​
  • I started my career as a healthcare administrator at the Mayo Clinic where I had to wear business suits every day. And pantyhose. I loved the job, loved the people, hated the suits and pantyhose.
  • I launched my initial business concept supporting physicians and healthcare leaders in creating Interpersonal Efficiency to decrease their stress and tension. I love healthcare and will always continue to serve these clients passionately.
  • In 2020, after almost 5 years as an entrepreneur and lots of success, I took a huge risk and expanded my business from Leadership Effectiveness and Interpersonal Efficiency, and decided to go big and expand on my true strengths (see ya later comfort zone!!)
  • Speaking of going big and expansion… I help high achieving Gen-X (and early millennial) female executives who have ticked the boxes of success and yet still feel stressed and unfulfilled, translate their innate strengths into a thriving consulting biz of their own.​
  • My dream is to create a powerhouse community of female business owner CEO friends who create wealth together based on their unique talents, change lives together and create inspiration about what is possible outside the corporate path. We enthusiastically give to others and support one another’s success. (if you want to be part of this dream, skip to the P.S. below)!

Here are just a handful of things I believe:

  • I believe that Black Lives Matter.
  • I believe we should be able to eat chocolate and pizza daily with no health consequences. ​
  • I believe in the potential of everyone I meet and my superpower is helping others see their own potential, declare their dreams, and turn their dreams into reality. ​
  • I believe that life and business does not need to be as hard as we make it! ​

Whew! Now you know a bit about who I am!​

So let me ask: Do I know you? 

If not, let’s change that. ​

What’s the one thing you can share that is SO you?


With gratitude and connection,


P.S. My 1:1 Corporate to Consulting Mentorship Program is OPEN, but availability is super limited because I take you by the hand, help you rediscover the possibilities for your unique strengths and experiences and translate your superpowers into a thriving consulting business of your own (all within 90 days!)

Get ready, I’m gonna be your new best friend! (If that part didn’t freak you out, let’s chat! Click on my calendar link and book a call)