Why car naps are completely acceptable and inspired a new 4-letter word

I was chatting with an amazing woman who is a high powered corporate executive. She reminisced about her post-baby days of grabbing lunch on the go, getting in her car, and driving to a random parking lot for a quick power car nap.

My response? “YES! The car nap is the BEST!”

We both agreed it’s time to normalize the car nap!

It might just be the most underrated productivity booster out there.


But then we talked about what a world without the need for a car nap might look like…


You see, my friend had dreams of autonomy, freedom, creating her own brand and serving people in a way that lights her up instead of burns her out.


We talked about her unique gifts and how to translate those into her own consultant business, where if she wanted to take a nap, she could do so in the comfort of her own bed with no judgement. (Ok, we also talked about other benefits, but that was definitely one of them!) 🙂


“But I can’t become a consultant, they are just so… annoying!”

“They make everything more difficult and more expensive because they have to prove their worth!”


I laughed as I remembered my same judgement after transitioning from my executive role into consulting and coaching.


I also shared how that judgement held me back and limited my ability to define what kind of consultant and coach I was going to be, outside the ridiculous expectations of others.


Have our assumptions and judgments around what it means to be a “consultant” turned it into the new 4-letter word? 


Just because we can’t fathom a new definition that incorporates what we want to do as a consultant (or coach, or advisor, or mentor, or strategist…), have we allowed this new 4-letter word to prevent us from translating our gifts into a thriving business of our own??


The answer is yes. 


And that is just one of the many judgments, assumptions and negative mindset tricks that prevent high performing professionals like you from achieving entrepreneurial success.


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