You Can Do Hard Things… Your Business Doesn’t Have To Be One Of Them

We all know business is hard and in the words of Glennon Doyle, we also all know we can do hard things.

But what I want you to know is that business is not as hard as we make it!

Want to finally grow your consulting or coaching business so you can leave your corporate job in the dust?

Consider these three game changing shifts:

1. Clarify your message and talk to people as humans, not potential clients.​​

When you speak to everyone, you are speaking to no one! Specify your messaging so that if you are talking to your dream client, they know it!

Also, remember, social media is meant to be about connection. Let’s connect. Get offline and have a 1:1 conversation with someone. Build authentic relationships, because not only is it the way to build a business with integrity, but it’s WAY more fun.

2. Accept you are in business to make money, anything else is a hobby.

Hobbies are great, but they can’t pay the bills, send your kids to private schools, fly first class, support your athleisure wear habit… You get the picture.

Wanting to build wealth is empowering, not selfish.

Yes, we can help for free. But when free becomes the expectation of your people and the norm in your business, not only do you not have a business (see hobby above) but you also are showing others that you and your services are not worthy of payment.

You are worthy of building and receiving wealth.

So get over that “icky” feeling you have when you think about monetizing your experiences and reframe those convos in your head.


Because you are simply being a kind human when you see someone with a problem you could help them with and you offer to actually help them.

3. Reframe your focus. This is a lesson I continue to teach over and over.

One ideal client.
One offer.
One system of delivery.
Start there. Get really good. Make money. Evolve and grow.

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