Maybe You Love Sales After All? Hear Me Out!

“I hate sales.”

I was doing a Facebook live inside my amazing community and when I asked a question about why some members are struggling to get clients online.

”I hate sales” was a response received.


​Now, I could have responded with some mindset advice or how using different language can train our brain…

Both of those things are 100% game changers.

But in that moment, I knew flipping the script was just the beginning.

So I asked a very practical question.


“What if you think you hate sales because you simply haven’t yet mastered the skill set?”


This seasoned entrepreneur was doubtful…


Hear me out.


As a former healthcare executive, sales was a four-letter word in my mind!

When I launched my business, I had never sold a thing in my life!

And the thought of selling a pen, let alone my own services, was terrifying.

My ego was in overdrive!


“Just run back to your real job! You’re not cut out for this!”


But then I thought, what if this skill set is the one thing holding me back from my dreams?

In the past, I had attached so much emotion around my ability or inability to sell that it was stifling.

But when I realized my worthiness as a business owner is not tied to this one skill set, everything changed.

I was determined to master and hone this skill. There was no way this one thing was going to hold me back.


I can do hard things… And so can you.


No matter where you are in your entrepreneurial journey, your sales approach can always benefit from being honed and refined…

So how do you personalize your approach to sales so that it feels aligned and you sign more clients?

Approach your sales calls as your greatest client attraction strategy.


Here are a couple of pro tips:

  • Approach the call as a learning conversation.


  • Hold the potential client loosely. Not everyone is a fit to work with you. And that’s ok. Get to know their true wants and needs.


  • Listen fiercely. Ensure the person you are speaking with feels heard and understood. It is a prerequisite to converting warm leads into a client.


  • Always offer value and small wins on the call. I never want anyone to think they have just wasted 30 minutes of their time after speaking with me, even if they are not a fit for my programs.


  • Know your transition from serving to selling. Write out how you will transition from adding value and small wins to your offer. This is called your Organic Close.


  • Practice your pitch. It should never start with the X# of sessions or what’s included. It should always start with the transformation you offer. Do the work ahead of time to feel 100% aligned and confident in your offer and selling becomes easy!

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​With gratitude,


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