Creating interpersonal efficiency


One-on-One Interpersonal Efficiency Coaching

Most of us chose a career in healthcare because we want to help people.  But aren’t there some days when helping people seems like the last thing you are doing?

This is why I developed a leadership coaching approach specific to healthcare leaders and providers.

Why Interpersonal Efficiency Coaching works:

My Interpersonal Efficiency coaching process takes the best of several coaching disciplines and marries them with the understanding of the environment in which you work.

Clients are taken through a structured, but fluid process focused on real transformation and effective action required to get results.

It is time to stop being “busy” and feeling out of control of your schedule.  You have the power to find joy and results through influence, focus, clarity and mindset.

Coaching commitments range from:

  • 3 month tactical focus
  • 6 month strategic focus
  • 12 month, unlimited deep dive, hand in hand transformational coaching.

Sessions are structured to fit your schedule and give you the tools to be more effective, ultimately giving you more time and more of what you really want.

Click here to schedule a free coaching strategy session:  or call 720-334-2803 for more information.