Creating interpersonal efficiency


I’m a firm believer that healthcare organizations have all the internal expertise, vision and high performing individuals needed to get the job done.

But what’s so often missing is the strategy to overcome interpersonal obstacles, both overt and under the surface. This is where most teams get stuck.

I will provide you with the missing competitive advantage of applying Interpersonal Efficiency to the culture of your team and organization ensuring results are achieved efficiently while avoiding burnout and frustration.

This expertise is offered to you by an industry insider with 20 years of experience…teaching you the equation for increasing inspired results with greater fulfillment and collaboration.

You can create the momentum you need through one of the following engagements:

Deep Dive Consulting Engagements
Keynote Presentations
Executive Retreats
1-to-1 Leadership Coaching
Workshops & Training sessions

Executive Retreats:

Enhance the effectiveness of your leadership team, board, or program development team with this one to two day highly interactive retreat. The intent of this retreat is to teach and practice new and innovative interpersonal techniques that will change the way the team connects and gets results. These techniques are directly applied to the areas where the team is getting stuck.

Workshops & Training Sessions:

These interactive trainings incorporate tools that attendees can use immediately in their workplace to improve progress towards goals, minimize internal competition and increase collaboration. Specific interpersonal and strategic focus will be customized based on each client’s need. These trainings are a great interactive way to connect larger groups of staff and leaders while focusing on specific subject matter that will enhance communication, connection, alignment and results.

Deep Dive Consulting Engagement:

This approach is important when there is a high priority program or team that is getting “stuck” in disagreements, being blocked by the elephant in the room, has unhealthy conflict or endless meetings with little decision-making. This deep dive approach assesses the root cause of the slow progress and works with the team on the interpersonal and strategic aspects that can change the pace of results. We then approach the team’s strategy with a massive action plan to move the group forward in a healthy and productive way.

Individual Leadership Coaching:

Interpersonal Efficiency coaching helps individuals be more effective through influence, more satisfied and more empowered in their roles. My coaching method uses specific strategic intervention and high performance techniques that allow for quick results. This technique is unique in that it not only gets to the root of individual barriers but also teaches tangible tools to use in both professional and personal life.

Keynote presentations:

A great addition to staff retreats or leadership and society membership meetings, keynote presentations provide a unique and engaging perspective on how to communicate to gain more connection, confidence, influence and empowerment. I teach tools to increase the efficiency and creativity with which your team reaches goals. The presentation is customized to your specific needs.

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