“Mom, I want you to get fired.”

“I can’t get fired. Why do you want me to get fired?”

“So you can spend more time with me.”


It was just before bedtime.

Our routine goes like this:

Daddy is the “bather.”

Mommy is the “nighter.”

The job of the “nighter” is to tuck him in, read books and cuddle.

I love my job as the “nighter”…

We have the best conversations, just he and I.

In fact, on this particular night, we had a great evening before bedtime.

We played music that we loved sprinkled in with his favorite kid tunes.

We danced, we played and laughed.

And I knew.

I knew he wanted and needed more of that basic fun family time.

The mom guilt used to consume me…

It also used to serve me.

I convinced myself my success wouldn’t be that of some of my mentors.

So I didn’t do the work that truly moved the needle.

The cost of success was too high.

No one could understand my need to be present with my son after losing his brother way too early.

I made myself special.

I made my limiting beliefs special and concrete.

That being a present mom meant I couldn’t have the success others were having.

I made my role as a mom and entrepreneur an either/or.

But I wasn’t special…

I was scared.

And once I acknowledged my true fear, I could uncover the path to normalize it.

And once I normalized it, I used it as the momentum I needed to shift.

Instead of that old friend “mom guilt” taking over,

I was able to look at Oliver’s comment for what it was:

A sign that we had a really great night.

A sign that I could create really amazing and connected experiences.

All while being an entrepreneur.

His comment and my reaction were signs that I’ve evolved.

No matter your block, your parenting style or your desired lifestyle…

You can create wins in all areas of your life.

With gratitude,


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