Creating interpersonal efficiency

Interpersonal Efficiency Inspires Results…

from the board room to
the patient room.


Easy tips for overcoming the most common leadership obstacles

  • Stop the overwhelm and gain momentum on what’s most important
  • Increase your influence with or without a formal title or authority
  • Quick insights to stop feeling like a leadership fraud

Healthcare leaders and providers are no strangers to workplace tension, frustration and results achieved through a lengthy uphill battle. These passionate professionals have learned to thrive and achieve, despite the organizational politics and interpersonal dynamics that can limit full creative and innovative potential.

There is a better way to get the results you want and need.

Mastering Interpersonal Efficiency will allow you to reach sustained levels of high performance while experiencing greater professional and personal fulfillment…. with the additional benefit of avoiding the inevitable collateral damage and burnout that can come from forced results.

Why Interpersonal Efficiency is a game-changer for you AND your organization

Reaching your desired results is like reaching the destination you have programmed into your car’s GPS. Because you invested in a high performing, reliable car, you simply step on the gas and off you go! You are on your way to your final destination.

But what happens when you forget to put oil in your high performing, reliable car? Slowly, heat and friction build up between the parts of the engine until you start to see smoke, and the car slowly grinds to a halt. You are stuck on the side of the road, with an expensive fix, unlikely to reach the final destination anytime soon.

Interpersonal Efficiency is the oil in the your high performing engine. Without “oil”, tension, frustration, conflict and mistrust build up between individuals and teams and suddenly, the desired vision (the GPS coordinates) takes twice as long to reach.

With mastery of Interpersonal Efficiency the results are clear:

High profile programs and strategies falling short of expectations have regained momentum by addressing the elephant in the room in a way that opened communication and inspired new action to achieve results

Physicians who have applied Interpersonal Efficiency to their daily life have reported greater freedom in their workday, enhanced confidence, greater fulfillment and more clarity and momentum towards what they want.

Healthcare leaders created new motivations and connection resulting in greater influence leading to effective strategy implementation.

your culture, my expertise

Individual Efficiency:

Fulfillment, clarity, productivity, empowerment, 100% alignment with purpose and goals

Team Efficiency:

Healthy conflict leading to creative results, streamlined decision-making, deeper connection

Organizational Efficiency:

A culture of trust, value and collaboration with staff and physicians who are raving fans and engaged in the vision

Strategy Efficiency:

Effective, streamlined action plan that ensures inspired results.


My mission to bring a new approach to the way we communicate with each other in healthcare, resulting in more inspired and efficient results began after spending 16 years as a healthcare administrator coupled with an experience in the healthcare system on a very personal level.

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