My Story

Hi, I’m Carrie.

I launched a successful consulting and coaching business after climbing the ladder as a healthcare executive. I know what it takes to translate your unique talents and experiences into a business you love. I love the freedom to spend time with those I adore doing the things I love. I love the beauty of nature and the indulgence of luxury sprinkled with a little bit of Bravo reality TV!

I am a Business Coach, Consultant, and TEDx Speaker who helps high achieving professionals get out from under the expectations of society and create a thriving consulting business of their own (without the wasted time and money from self doubt, fear of judgement and questionable confidence). I understand the feeling of wanting more, and yet, not knowing how to find it. I also understand how to confidently leave the comfort, identity, security, friendships and network of a corporate job.

So I dedicated my time and energy to find a better way. Through that journey I invested in myself, mentors, coaches and training. I discovered a path to fulfillment, freedom, and profit and it all stemmed from trusting myself first. I found a way to elevate and align with who I truly was at my innermost core.

I found the professional path to fulfillment and freedom and I can’t wait to help you find yours.

How can I do that? I help high achieving professionals translate their corporate talents and personal experiences into a thriving consulting business of their own without wasting time and money due to self doubt, fear of judgement, and a scattered focus.

I help to get your business ideas out of your head and into your bank account consistently.

I also get that not everyone wants to be an entrepreneur and so for those clients that love their current career path, I help them achieve more leadership confidence, impact and influence.

My clients transform their overwhelm and self doubt in the entrepreneurial world into a high impact, high profit business with more self assurance, consistent financial freedom, fulfillment and fun.

Whether you want to elevate in your current career path or launch a new one, here is what I believe:

I believe you deserve a professional path that lights you up instead of burns you out.

I believe we should be able to eat chocolate chip cookies and pizza daily with no health consequences!

I believe in the potential of everyone I meet and my superpower is helping others see their own potential, declare their dreams, and turn their dreams into reality.

Consider me your mentor for creating professional freedom and fulfillment by finding a path that is right for you.

Carrie Koh


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