Creating interpersonal efficiency

My mission to bring a new approach to the way we communicate with each other in healthcare began after spending 16 years as a healthcare administrator coupled with an experience in the healthcare system on a very personal level.While I loved the impact I had throughout my career in health administration, there seemed to be a common underlying theme in all the organizations in which I worked: an underlying tone of tension, frustration, and internal competition for whose needs would get met. I honestly accepted this underlying tone as “just the way it was”, until I realized that this tone had a direct impact on the patient.An unexpected turn in life forced me to expand my perspective and witness this underlying tone from a patient’s viewpoint. Throughout my personal experience as a mother to a child with a life limiting disease, who lived in the NICU for 5 months, I witnessed the healthcare system from a completely different perspective. It was then that I realized that the patient is not immune to the tension and frustrations I experienced in my career.It’s this experience that drove my hunger to find a solution and a different, more fulfilling and effective way to function in healthcare. It was also this experience that drives my passion for helping the individuals who make up the healthcare team be a more fulfilled and balanced version of themselves, work closer and more honestly as a team and form a greater connection through communication.

As a dual masters prepared healthcare administrator, I have an experienced background in the knowledge of the healthcare system from strategic planning, operations, program development, facilitation, negotiations, root cause analysis, resiliency and problem solving in a collaborative way. I have worked both in the trenches and at the executive level in a variety of healthcare institutions including major academic medical centers, for-profit healthcare systems and faith based, nonprofit hospitals.As a coach and consultant, I bring additional expertise in executive strategic intervention coaching, high performance mastery, interpersonal dynamics and practical tools for shifting mindsets and getting inspired results. My love of connecting and helping to bridge the gap between opposing perspectives provides a safe environment for open, honest dialogue.I live in Denver, Colorado with my husband Ed, son Oliver and our lab, Henry Melvin. In our free time we love to escape to the mountains for skiing, hiking, mountain biking and rafting.