We Could All Use A Stanley in Our Lives

The bus is here!!!

I huffed and puffed, sprinting down our mile-long driveway in the middle of the country.

​I saw the big yellow school bus slowly inch forward, beginning to close its big swinging door…

noooo… wait!!!!!!!! (Mom will literally kill us if we miss the bus again).

And of course he waited.


“Hi Stanley,” I said to the nicest bus driver in the world who would patiently wait at the end of our extremely long driveway for the red-faced Bannister girls to sprint aboard at the last minute…

I can still feel the burning in my legs and the cold fall air in my lungs.

I’m convinced that when he saw us running down our long bumpy driveway, he would pretend to drive away just so we would pick it up a notch and really RUN.

Whew, we made it!

“Good mornin’ girls, you know, back in my day I had to walk 10 miles uphill to get to school. That long driveway is nothin’!”

Stanley was the best.

I think there is a time when all new entrepreneurs could use a “Stanley” in their lives…

  • Someone who helps them transform their fear into deeply motivated action
  • Someone who lovingly yet effectively nudges them to dig deep and show ‘em what you got
  • Someone who reframes an impossible block and gives them a new perspective

​When I made my very first 28K in my business, I did not have:

  • a website
  • a facebook page
  • an email list
  • social media presence
  • and wasn’t part of a million entrepreneurial facebook groups.

​While 28K was not going to replace my corporate salary, it was enough to convince me that it was possible to earn money doing what I love.

From that first 28K, I kept growing my business by serving my clients relentlessly, connecting authentically, asking for referrals, focusing on my one offer, and taking action that scared me.

I get asked a similar question from new entrepreneurs wanting to create enough consistent revenue to leave their corporate jobs:

“How do I build a following?”

When I get asked that question, I know there is a deeper question that they are actually asking…

“How do I overcome my self doubt to actually do this entrepreneurial thing successfully?”

My response is this:

  1. How do you add consistent value to those you want to serve, before they are clients?
  2. How well and how often do you listen to those you want to serve?
  3. What is the one action you can take right now that will grow your business?

Start there. Organic growth is possible. It will not happen overnight but it can happen on a timeline that gives you the confidence you need to go all in on your business.

There are a million tactics that can work. But without a personalized strategy that drives your business forward, these tactics will become the source of overwhelm and likely entrepreneurial debt.

Need help with a personalized strategy?

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Your partner in creating a profitable consulting business,


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