Everyone else is telling you to declare your expertise and you will be the go to expert!


What I’m saying is declare your authority and clients will look to you for your results…

🚀 Confused? Let me explain!

There is an important distinction between expertise and authority and most entrepreneurs are not taking advantage of this key distinction that will make them the undeniable GO-TO solution for dream clients!

Think about what might change for you if you felt this in the depths of your bones!!

🔥 You and your authority are your greatest client attraction strategies.

🚀 Your authority and your belief in your authority is what accelerates your results!

Read that again. Close your eyes. Deep Breathe. Do you feel it?

You are deeper than just your expertise.

Your expertise is based on the results you and your clients have, it’s likely what you were paid to do in your 9-5.

It’s skill-based, maybe even boosted with some training or 10,000 hours of mastery.

But (unpopular opinion)…your expertise does not attract clients!

🌺 Your authority is what attracts clients and converts them into your world.

Too many women undervalue that expertise and therefore NEVER step into their authority.

Especially professional women with authority in the traditional world, who get into the online world and feel like a novice!

🔥 They forget how amazing they really are!

The word authority is loaded because patriarchy has defined a top down mentality.

Authority as a conditioned, old school definition, means you have a title, a salary and people listen because they have to.

Old school authority means people take action because if they don’t they won’t be rewarded or worse, they will be punished.

It’s externally driven authority and is taken away the minute you leave your job, or someone doesn’t listen to you or someone doesn’t comment on your post.

THAT is not the authority, my friends, that you need.

YOUR authority is magical, limitless and unstoppable.

🔥 Internal authority is based on your true internal genius that can’t be taken away when you quit your job or change positions, or have a dry spell.

With internal authority, people listen because they are inspired.

With internal authority, people take action because they want the results that the person (YOU) embodying authority has…

Your authority has unleashed your dream client’s internal drive making them believe what’s possible for themselves!

When they believe, they invest.

Embody your internal authority as your greatest client attraction tool!

But here’s the thing…

Most entrepreneurs borrow authority from others through their energy, templates or formulas because they think THAT will help them overcome imposter syndrome…

🌺 But borrowing authority only gets you further down the Imposter Syndrome rabbit hole.

🔥 My friends! You are different from those “other” entrepreneurs!

You know your authority is different, worthy, capable.

You know your internal authority is your greatest client attraction strategy.

Are you ready to draw out that authority and take your place in this busy, crowded online world??

Clarity to Clients Online Business Accelerator just received an upgrade to get you even faster, more streamlined results!

No other program teaches you how to turn on the tap to unlimited revenue using your own authority!

That’s why it’s so damn fun!!

Let’s articulate your authority in a way that sets you apart in the noisy online world!

Are you the real Slim Shady?? Please stand up!

Yours in abundance,


PS. I know, you want to run to Spotify and listen to Eminem right now, don’t ya? I got you, here’s the Profitable Happy Female Entrepreneur Playlist that inspired this post! The real slim shady is waiting! As always, if you don’t see your favorite FIERCE song on this list, respond to me asap with the title and artist and it will be added! This list was curated by members of the PHFE FB group! Cool, right?

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