Hey boo, can you help me?

20+ times a day.

(he literally called me from downstairs -twice- while writing this! LOL)

Both frustrated, yet resigned.

3 weeks ago my husband had major knee surgery (ACL, MCL, Meniscus) and can I just say….

For 8 weeks, he can’t put any weight on his right leg.

I completely underestimated the impact this would have on us! (And by “us” ….I mean ME!!😢)

And poor Henry Melvin has been very patient with limited ball throwing opportunities.

Our summer vacation plans are on the back burner.

In every situation, it serves and limits us.

Let’s be clear, this injury is harder on him than me!

I have 2 working legs and am blessed to be able to easily get myself to the bathroom in the middle of the night without crutches!

This is just a blip in the road.

There are others going through much more adversity. 

Life or death situations.

And that’s the thing with adversity.

We all have it. Big and small.

Just like we shouldn’t compare results, we shouldn’t compare adversity! 

We all have choices to experience our adversity in a way that serves us instead of limits us.

A beautiful lesson learned after the death of my son.

My perspective on “hard” is forever changed.

I honor the hard and its impact.

I built a business with purpose so that I get to do life, no matter what it throws at me, in a way that creates the freedom to have sustainable income and be present when my family needs me most.

I’ve monetized my authority with purpose, on purpose.


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By showing you how to create your personalized client attraction strategies that actually….gasp…..ATTRACT clients!

By giving you the soup to nuts roadmap in strategy, mindset and systems so that you have a sales and marketing strategy you love and you don’t need to worry about stressful launches!

Consistent and elevated revenue.

Predictable revenue.

Unleashed self assurance.

There are very real ways to thrive through adversity, big and small.

Your income is not dependent on the perfect conditions.

It’s dependent on the imperfect conditions!

Your time to build this business organically on your own terms?

It starts now.

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Yours in abundance,


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