Yes, entrepreneurship is hard. That’s not necessarily a bad thing.

👉 And we need to talk about that.

I’m seeing a lot of posts around the internet about entrepreneurs being burned in the coaching industry, and burned out by their businesses.

So many coaches teach basic strategies contributing to this burn out…develop a freebie or low ticket lead magnet, build your list, create promo posts from this or that template, build a facebook group full of promo posts with zero monetization strategy.

🌺 Nope…

That has created TOO many broke and defeated entrepreneurs.

You are worthy of real strategies that actually work.

This journey is hard and it’s made harder when you defer your authority to those who are selling fluff and strategies from 5 years ago.

But also, there’s something deeper than the hard and in that deeper part of this journey lies your peace, contentment and profit.

🚀 What is hard really?

We all have different experiences with hard.

We have all lived through hard moments and come out the other side.

My hard is not your hard and vice-versa because it’s all in the perspective we have.

Hard was birthing a child into a silent delivery room, hearing only the shuffle and whispers of medical staff trying to save my son’s life.

Hard was living day and night in the hospital for 5 months, not knowing if my son, born with a rare muscle disease, would ever breathe, swallow or move on his own.

Hard was watching my son take his first unassisted breath and moments later his last, as his soul transitioned to heaven in my arms.

What I learned from the hardest moments of my life?

🌺 Happiness, hope, laughter and fun can live amongst the hard.

🔥 Within the hard, I felt happiness deeper than I ever have.

I felt gratitude as if I embodied the word in my soul.

I laughed as if it were perfectly normal to have a pool party in a NICU room or give my newborn a haircut while propping him up in a doll’s chair.

I felt more connected to my husband, family and friends who carried me on the journey.

Yes, entrepreneurship is hard.

Yes, it’s more than just “deciding” you will be successful.

Yes, it’s more than just the low ticket basic strategies.

👉 But when we focus on the hard, it’s all we can see.

When we focus on what’s most important, a new perspective emerges.

🔥 A new determination and sense of authority emerges.

Coaching is not what most people think it is…

It’s not the magic pill, the secret sauce, the ONE thing you need to hit your revenue goals.

It’s not the basic AF strategies.

🚀 Coaching is a container to allow the hard to become the ease.

A container for you to feel the lightness in the hard.

For you to feel empowered throughout the hard by finding what’s always working and using your unique energy within the strategies.

🌺 A space for you to focus on what’s most important and the goodness you have already created.

Seasoned, proven coaching is a container that will grow your authority as a thought-leader, empowering you to apply personalized strategies to your own expertise…

Yes, entrepreneurship is hard.

And inside a supportive coaching container with your people, the hard is where the joy, fulfillment and ease comes from.

🌺 Allow the hard to create the ease by trusting the ease is right in front of you. Find the ease and hold on tight.

This perspective shift has changed my life, business and relationships.

Yours in abundance,


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