10 Actions to Build a Business You Love With Sustainable $$$

Who remembers David Letterman’s top 10 lists?  

Below is my top 10 list, Letterman style, of the actions I took to catapult my business… in the midst of a pandemic while hosting remote kindergarten and having less than 3 hours a day to work…


But first, let me take you back to November of 2019.

I was in a mastermind with an amazing coach. 

I told her I wanted to build a community.  

But the community I wanted to build had nothing to do with the clients I had lovingly served for the last 4 years.


She kept asking who I wanted to serve? 

I answered vaguely, not wanting to exclude anyone that I could possibly serve. 

I also didn’t want to exclude my current client base.


I kept thinking about me, many years prior. How I had no idea that creating my own business was in my future and when I launched it, how I floundered, overcompensated and was paralyzed with fear. 

The energy that went toward proving I could do this to everyone around me was exhausting.

After a couple of years of this, I realized I loved my clients, but I didn’t love my business. 


I didn’t enjoy the process of getting clients or the uncertainty or the long sales cycle.

I wasted countless hours putting together massive proposals.


Fast forward today, I absolutely love my business and my clients.

I love selling, serving, creating, connecting….all of it. 


So how did I transform my business in less than a year into something I love and provides consistent revenue?


Here are my top 10 shifts and actions to building a business you love that has sustainable revenue.


10. Get clear on the business and life you want to create and create a mindset that supports it.  I asked myself 5 key questions that allowed me to focus. My entire business has changed since then. Never underestimate the power of clarity and mindset combined.

9. Be brave enough to give up revenue from less ideal clients so you can serve your ideal clients. That’s when your business does not feel like work and is a source of joy. I serve two audiences and am now very particular in who I work with.

8. Focus on one offer and one ideal client and get really really good at serving them. Scale from there. Too many entrepreneurs, including myself, begin their business by customizing every offer or offer too many packages. A confused buyer never becomes a client. Focus on one offer. 

7. Give up the need to be liked. If you want to attract your dream clients, you need to let them in and allow them to really see who you and your business are. And who you are not. When you show up consistently and authentically, magic begins to happen.

6. Invest in yourself before you invest in others (ie. get a coach before you buy another cookie cutter tactic). I’ve had many coaches because I had different needs at different times in my business. If you want others to invest in you, you need to invest in you first.

5. Be patient and do the work.

4. Be relentless in developing your 90 Day action plan. Every. 90. Days. (message me if you have no idea what a 90 day plan is-it will change your life).

3. Find an entrepreneurial community that feels like home, not just a place where you pop in on promo days to the sound of crickets (for more on this, see the P.S. below)

2. Show up consistently and authentically. I believe social media presence is a must, but you don’t have to be everywhere 24/7. Be strategic.

1. Learn to love selling. Selling is simply connecting. If you don’t have a sales system that converts, you don’t have a business. Trust that sales can be fun. Try what works for you. Practice with real people until you are able to hold each conversation as a learning conversation. You both are learning about each other and if it is a fit to work together, the offer will be a natural extension of the conversation.


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