There’s something that happens before you walk onto a meaningful stage.
It’s the moment you learn you landed the opportunity to be on that stage.


Will it be good enough?
Am I good enough?

I began incessantly journaling.
I had to feel every moment of that experience.
I had to feel every word of my script.

Was that how I really felt?
Did I feel this message in my innermost core??

The hours of preparation.
Hiring an amazing TEDx coach.
Rehearsing that talk almost 200 times.

The 4 Choices to Overcome Adversity.

I nailed it.
I lived it.
I was that talk.
My then 5 year old could recite it by heart. published the talk 2 weeks after it was delivered.
It was an honor to be next to some of the TED legends.

But then something happened…
Over a year later.
On a Tuesday night.

A moment I realized… it would never be enough.
Not in a bad way, but in a finite way!
Our lessons are never done.
They’re never good enough, because when we remain open to more, more and better lessons come.

There was actually a 5th choice missing from that talk!
One I’d been living.
One that drove my parenting and was the primary reason for rapid business growth after years of ups and downs.

So what was the 5th choice I realized on that Tuesday night over a year after I delivered my TEDx Talk?
The choice I made so instinctively, I wasn’t even aware of it?
When you have a child with a shortened lifespan?

The instinctive choice is Presence.

That Tuesday night, I lay in bed with my 6 year old.
It’s our nightly routine.
He likes to cuddle while he falls asleep.
He holds my hand. Or cuddles my arm.

I’m there.

Just like I was with his brother every day of his shortened life.

Presence with you. Presence with me.
Presence will shift your business and life.

What might change if you were present in your life and business?

Yours in presence,

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