👏 You don’t need a massive audience to build a massively profitable business.

👉 I stand against vanity metrics and adding anyone with a pulse and a pocketbook to your Facebook group!

When I started the Profitable Happy Female Entrepreneurs Facebook group it was never about building a massive group.

It was always about creating a movement.

A group of creative women who have burned down their traditional career path to step into their own authority, freedom, profit and fun.
A group of women who pitch authentically and unapologetically.
A group of women who buy from each other and promote for each other.

And within that movement, I offer programs that will help women build their audience and business their own way. With their true genius.

Without the pretense. Without the fear of success and judgement.
All while having (gasp!) fun?!!
So why isn’t bigger better???

👉 Because adding anyone with a pulse to your group doesn’t mean conversion.
And most importantly, that is not my idea of fun!

To convert you need two things:

  1. The right audience ready for a solution and
  2. A monetization strategy.

🔥 I’ve added 6 figures to my business from my Facebook group of less than 1000 members 🔥

No giveaways that take massive amounts of time and support.
No cold outreach.
No link drops in the DMs.

Just organic client attraction to inspire ideal clients to take action.

It’s the same client attraction strategies that earned my client a $72K month.
And another client her first $10K month within 30 days.

Don’t get sucked into the vanity metrics.
Engagement and monetization are better.

If I could help you with your monetization strategy, would you want to talk?
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This call is for you if you are getting crickets and want to book out your business.

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Yours in abundance,

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