You’d think a former healthcare executive and TEDx speaker would have her -ish together when she launched a business, right?

​Ummm, nope.
Not even close.
But thankfully, after years of trial and error and investments, I’ve figured a few things out.​

Warning: This post is full of “do as I say and not as I did tips!”

​Because I’ve figured a few things out the hard way in this entrepreneurial world so that hopefully you can find your definition of success much faster!

I got you…
So without further ado…

The 8 things I wish I knew (and believed!) when I started my business!

  1. You don’t need fancy equipment and all the bells and whistles to have a quality course, live video, or any other piece of content.

    I recorded the Clarity to Clients Online Business Accelerator with an iPhone and a $25 ring light from Amazon.
    ​Clients have said it’s the most impactful course and experience they have had online.

    Like, life changing.

    You don’t need the fancy make up, clothes and hair.
    You need to bring you and your expertise only.

  2. Your launch will fail if you haven’t built and nurtured an audience before you launch.

    It doesn’t matter which guru’s launch process you use.
    ​But here’s the thing…

    Launch anyway.

    Do the masterclass, the 3-day challenge, the workshop series.
    Learn to drive traffic.
    Learn to love building your business.

    By launching you build an audience.
    People don’t magically convert out of thin air.
    Engage and be the leader you want to be now.

  3. Facebook groups: Size doesn’t matter.

    You don’t need a huge Facebook group to monetize.
    ​I started monetizing one week in with just 50 people.
    Size doesn’t matter, but quality engagement and service does.

    If you want to build an audience and amazing connections fast, start a group and make it your primary area of focus.
    Serve them relentlessly.
    Have more fun with your group than you’ve ever had in your business.

    (I’m about to record a bonus section inside the Clarity to Clients Online Business Accelerator to show you how!)

  4. Show up consistently without an audience to build an audience.

    We all start from zero.
    None of us are entitled to clients.
    We get to serve, show up and care about people before they invest in us.

  5. Give away your best stuff in your content. You can’t add value and stand out if you just share the BS surface level stuff everyone else is sharing.

    Yes, your stuff is good enough.
    ​How do I know?

    Because no one has your unique background, experience and perspective.

    No one.
    Own it.
    Lead with it.

  6. Build your business now the way you want it to look when you’ve smashed your revenue goal. Block your calendar.

    Only see clients 3 days a week.
    ​Use the two other days for personal time and strategic thinking time.

  7. Scarcity will kill your business.

    The end.

  8. You are responsible for your results. You are the primary decision-maker in your business.

    When I made my first high-ticket investment in a coach, I made no additional revenue during our time together. I learned valuable lessons on content creation and how to build an online business.

    I wasn’t ready for growth and revenue.
    I thought I was, but I wasn’t.

    I’d take weeks (even a month) off without doing needle-moving activities.
    ​I took radical responsibility for that.

    My next investment was another amazing coach who brought a very different skill set from my last coach.

    This time I was ready.
    I paid off that investment in the first month and the rest is history.
    Because I was ready.

    You are responsible for your results.
    When you win, it’s because of you, not your coach.

​Give yourself permission to set aside your endless to-do list and focus on what matters most.

I’ve had 400% revenue growth year over year.
My business and life have changed drastically.

If I had really understood these 8 truths when I started, my growth would have been so much faster!

Are you ready for rapid growth?
Learn from my mistakes!!

Which truth can you incorporate today??

With gratitude,


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