I probably shouldn’t admit this as a business coach, but structure is not my thing.

Routines, kid chore charts, schedules…

They never really stick.

Unstructured and the freedom to do it my way.

Yep that’s me.


Don’t get me wrong. I can DO structure…

You don’t have a successful 20+ year long career in corporate healthcare without it.


It’s just that when I find success easy, it usually happens in an unstructured way.


Yet in the beginning I didn’t trust my way.

I didn’t trust that my unstructured, “doin’ it my way” mentality could ever create consistent success.

So when I began to see success in my business I didn’t trust it…


With every new client I’d ask:

“Was this a fluke?”

Yep, probably a fluke.


But then it began to snowball.

Ideal clients started coming out of the woodwork.


What was going on??


I still didn’t trust my path, even though I was getting results.


So I began to invest in more ways to attract clients…

Learning all the things – quizzes, online course creation, FB ads, different launch models…

Well, those investments ended in no more clients, big fat entrepreneurial debt, and even more self-doubt.

And massive scarcity.

It was then I knew those cookie cutter tactics that worked for others might not work for me.


I had to go back to my need for unstructured freedom.


As I do anytime I need to make a shift…

I began to go in before I went out.

I began to uncover who I was when I attracted clients. 

My rock bottom low was my greatest gift.


I realized I had nothing to lose by just being bold and being me.

So I posted content that was intuitive and from the heart.

I stopped trying to reinvent my own wheel.

I created structure only where it moved the needle and allowed myself the freedom to experiment.

My approach to business as an experiment allowed me to turn the corner and come back to my gifts.

I had fun in my business.


That fun translated.

Clients were reaching out again.

I let go of what I should do and just did what came naturally.


So instead of the structure around things that didn’t matter.

I doubled down on structure where I needed it.

I invested in coaches that supported my unconventional approach and yet, helped me elevate my business so I can teach others to do the same.

I began to dive deep into client attraction.


We all can attract clients.

Because there are more clients than any one of us can serve!


Join me inside the Profitable Happy Female Entrepreneurs where I shared my client attraction secrets and how you can attract your ideal clients online by doing what comes easy.

Being you… with a tiny bit of structure and a whole lot of freedom.


With gratitude,

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