Your imagination gets to be your reality.

​It’s not about the hype, it’s about believing that your desired future is around the corner.

​But we all know belief alone doesn’t change your bank account.

​🌺 Imagine a day when everything changes for you.

​Money flows with ease.
You wake up energized, excited.

​But something is wrong…
You can’t put your finger on it.

​Oh wait, there it is:

​That feeling.
That knot in the pit of your stomach.
It’s gone!

​You had become so used to it you almost didn’t notice.

​But when you go in, you realize, with that missing knot, something else is missing…

​There’s no more wondering, no more frustration.

​12 months ago I still had that knot. After 5 years in business.
12 short months ago. Everything changed for me.
12 months ago I decided to let go of the familiarity of the knot and stress.

​I attached so profoundly to what I wanted instead, but had never allowed myself to have.
I still carried tens of thousands of dollars in credit card debt.
And yet, I invested once again.
This time I was ready.

​Even with the debt weighing on me like a 500 pound gorilla…
I was ready.

​Even though I didn’t have enough clients at that moment…
I was ready.

​I trusted that if I had the support, I could get out of my own way and do what I was fully capable of doing.

​I had my first $56K month.
Followed by a… $5K month!

​What, just $5K!? It was all a fluke!?
It was my ego testing me… are you sure you want those $50K months?

​I saw that $5K month for what it was.
And I laughed instead of shaming myself.

​Of course I had a $5K month after a $56k month.
I was scared.
My ego was keeping me safe.

My response?
“Oh, Hi there fear, welcome to the party. Let’s make this climb together.”

​And so hand in hand with my fear, I took the next step, the next investment and face the next big, scary “what if?”

​And then I took massive action.
Focused action.
I had a strategy, I created the mindset to match.
And took massive focused action.

​No more shiny object syndrome.
I was all in on my one investment.

​The rest is history.

​On 3 weeks of vacation, three new 3 clients sought me out to work with me.
I just onboarded 4 new clients last week.

​It’s the new normal.
It gets to flow when you focus and commit.

​No more debt, I am booking vacations without a second thought, having adventures with family without worrying about business…

​👏🏻 When I say your time is now, I really mean your time is yesterday.

Let’s take your fear by the hand and do this thing anyway.

​Here’s the calendar link for us to create your personalized plan for consistent and elevated revenue.

​And just a heads up, I’ve had to open up more call appointments for tomorrow because next week is 100% booked and I don’t want you missing out on your future.

​Yours in abundance,

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