Let’s get a bit practical today with a tip to step into your authority and stand out from the sea of people…

Are you ready to attract high ticket clients from other people’s audiences?

It’s a great way to position your offer and refine your approach before building your own audience.

👉 Try writing an “Authority Differentiation” Post.

🌺 Step 1: Create separation between your authority and others in your space.

Begin a post with a differentiation statement like…“Everyone else is telling you (this)…and what I’m telling you is (this thing that is different from what everyone else is telling you)!

Example: “Everyone else is telling you to batch content and repurpose it all over the internet. But what I’m telling you is strategically pick 2-3 Facebook groups and create content from inspiration.”

🌺 Step 2: Describe WHY you are telling them something different.

Example: “Once I stopped showing up in a million different Facebook groups and learned to create content in my authority that actually converts, I went from $0 – $2K months to $30K – $50K months fast.”

🌺 Step 3: Articulate a result you have as a result of believing or doing that “thing” that is different from what everyone else is saying.

Example: “By showing up in my authority in a way that is aligned with my strengths, I have control over my revenue stream, no more late nights staring at my blank calendar or posts that got crickets, wondering where my next client is coming from. This one shift gave me the self assurance to trust myself and my audience. That trust inspired clients to reach out.”

🌺 Step 4: Create an inspiring call to action (this should inspire your audience into a desired action).

Example: “If you want to stop the overwhelming strategies sold to the masses and uncover your personalized client attraction strategies that feel aligned with who you are, then let’s chat. I might have the perfect next step to help you get out of feast or famine and into consistent revenue.”

🌺 Step 5: Add calendar link (or ask for DM) and add eye catching photo! https://calendly.com/carriekohconsulting/strategy-call​

See how that works?

Ok, here is your challenge!

👉 Create an authority differentiation post inside Profitable Happy Female Entrepreneurs Facebook Group!! Ask some fellow Profitable Happy Female Entrepreneurs for feedback or just use it as a test to attract your next dream client!

And…when you are ready for the perfect next step that is aligned with who you are at your innermost core…I’m here…

Yours in abundance,


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