I was going to launch a course!

Isn’t that what all the 7-figure online entrepreneurs did to get there?

So I bought “How to Create an Online Course” from the online course guru!
I bought the “How to Launch” course from the launch guru!
And after going through the courses, I had my own big beautiful online course that took me 6 months to create.

This was it. I was ready to launch!

But I was scared.
So I didn’t launch…

A couple of years passed.
I pivoted.
And I thought, “NOW, I’m going to launch!”

I had been slowly building an audience.
I went back to the launch guru and combined his process with the launch process that worked for my coach.
I did ALL the things!

And I launched!

Goose egg.
No sales.
Not one.

“Hmmmmm… Ok. It’s going to be ok. I know what I did wrong.
“I wasn’t clear enough. My messaging and offer were too vague.
“I’ll get clear and clean that up. This offer is going to fly off the virtual shelves now!”

And what happened?
I had a 4-figure launch…
It was underwhelming to say the least.

So I went back to the drawing board.

This time I went back to basics.
This time I was going to focus.
This time I was going to fill my program.
This time… This time would be different.

And it was.

I sold out with a 5-figure launch filled with my dream clients.
All together, I saw a 400% increase in revenue year over year.
Do you want a sold out launch?

​Sure, that offer to collaborate is amazing and perfect.
But not urgent.

Marketing research on another brainstormed idea is great.
But not urgent​.

Posting everywhere feels productive.
But it’s not.​

Stressing about whether anyone will buy your thing feels familiar.
And it is.

​Wondering if your offer is good enough is not the right question.

​You want a sold out launch?
You need ask the right questions.

​Do you believe your offer is better than sliced bread?
Are you showing your one single ideal client what the transformation looks like?

​They can’t imagine it.
They don’t know it’s possible for them.

​Are you having moments of shiny object syndrome within your launch?
Then focus.

​If you’re for sure, no doubt in your mind, going to have a sold out launch and fill your program with ideal clients, then you need to:

  • Serve massively.
  • Create content or a launch activity that gives your audience the micro-result that will show them it’s possible.
  • Reverse engineer your own results and what got you or your clients results.
  • Believe that your results are good enough.
  • Allow yourself to celebrate your success.
  • Stop comparing your success to others.

If you want a sold out launch to fill your program with ideal clients, stop comparing your success to others.

Put away the endless launch to-do list and connect with your audience.

What do they need to hear today?


​PS. I’ve got something super exciting coming. I’m not ready to reveal it yet, but let’s just say a sold out launch with ease is in your future!
All those complicated launch processes work great with a big team and an even bigger audience. But that’s not you, is it?
I know, I’ve been there… And I’m SO excited to help you level up!
Want to hear more of the behind-the-scenes beginning stages of this super exciting development?
Something special is in play for the early adopters who believe their success is inevitable!

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