Are you minimizing your milestones and accomplishments?

Maybe things still feel so muddled and celebrating seems a bit premature?


Or maybe you fear that little milestone that made you jump up and down will get eye rolls from others further ahead in your world?



How embarrassing to publicly celebrate only to fall flat on your face?!

I know. This sounds ridiculous, right? 


But these are the things that hold us back from sharing our results and moving our mindset from scarcity to abundance.

This week I almost didn’t celebrate an important milestone.

Because compared to my mentors and coaches, it was miniscule.


And of course that old fear of judgment came in….

Is it enough?


The beautiful thing about hitting this milestone is I had the opportunity to come face to face with an old limiting belief that always shows up every time I’m leveling up….

Is it enough?


I love when I feel resistance because I know I’m on the brink of something important.


My milestone?

I welcomed just over 500 amazing women into my Facebook group after starting it 3 months ago.

And it felt amazing pressing “approve” on that 500th member. 


A year ago, my ego would have been  telling me to look around at all the groups of 1000’s of members…

See, you are still behind….

But now…

I did a little happy dance and celebrated with my group!


This week, I’ve loved supporting my Client to Clients Online Business Accelerator group as their limiting beliefs came flying onto the scene

Just on time… to face them and flip them…


So go ahead, share that small but mighty milestone and give us all the opportunity to do the happy dance with you!

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