I think it’s a control thing. I hate to be sold. (who’s with me here??)
I like to say yes into a new program or with a new coach on my own terms.
I close myself because I don’t like to be sold. I usually message, email, DM when I’m ready.

It wasn’t always this way.

I used to book sales calls with someone who could help me get results only to use the excuse “I need to think about it.”
The truth? I didn’t need to think about it.

​I was a yes before I booked a call because I don’t waste people’s time.
But the minute I got off the call I’d sweep that entire conversation under the rug.

​See, I have this pattern of avoidance.
It’s why I start diets on Mondays.
It’s why I would never close on a sales call.

​Avoidance allowed me to go back to my comfort zone of struggle.
Eating the cookies.
Doing all the things in my business except booking my own sales calls.

​Struggle and avoidance served me and I wasn’t ready to give it up.
I was comfortable complaining about my pants not fitting.
I was comfortable hiding in my office to work instead of going to the neighborhood party where I was uncomfortable in my own skin.

​Avoidance and struggle served me until I allowed myself to be served by something else.

​My internal sense of urgency.
My internal drive to never have my business in the red ever again.
My internal drive to value my amazing gifts, training, expertise and experience and not allow them to go to waste!
My internal drive to serve.

​It wasn’t until I stepped into my own authority and made decisions like an actual CEO that I changed my approach on sales calls.

​I no longer asked questions like: “Will I get results?”
It was a question I’ve since learned was the wrong question.

​My real question was to myself:
“Do I really want results?”

​When I answered that question for myself, my internal sense of urgency drove me to close myself.
The purpose of my sales calls is to close.


​Because closing is the act of connection.
Are we fit? Would it be fun to work together?

​Closing in that connection means I get to help my clients tap into their own sense of urgency to say yes to themselves.

​It takes all the pressure off both parties.

​Closing a client will not change your life. 
It will change theirs.
And that is a beautiful feeling.

​Are you ready to be closed into your future success?
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​Yours in abundance,

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