“How are you feeling?”
“One more or you want to take a break?”

My feet hurt.
My legs were like Jell-O.

And my 6-year-old skier was definitely ready for another run.
He gave me an enthusiastic, “Let’s keep going!”

So I dug deep, denied my aching body and said…
“Definitely! Let’s do it!”

In that moment I had a choice.
I could make it about me or about him.
It was a familiar feeling.

I honestly wanted to whip off my uncomfortable ski boots and go sit in front of the fireplace.
But we had worked so hard for this enthusiastic “let’s keep going!”

My son has been on skis since he was 2.
And if you’ve never taught a 2 year old (or 3, 4, or 5 year old) to ski… let me tell you,
It’s a lot of work!

But the payoff is so worth it.
We have amazing family ski days, no screens, no distractions.

So often in my business I wanted to give up…
But I knew I wasn’t giving up on me.
I was giving up on my clients.

Their future.

So I invested in myself before I was ready.

  • I pitched one more time.
  • I wrote one more email.
  • I went live one more time.
  • I recorded one more module.
  • I answered one more question.

And each time, I created more connection with my audience.
I created more DM’s asking to work with me.
I created more enthusiasm to “just keep going” from my clients who have lives to change with their businesses!

And that ripple effect is worth just one more…

So are you ready to keep going?
Your future clients are depending on you!

With gratitude,

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