My 6 year old is reading a book about the Titanic.

Did you know the Titanic was 4 city blocks long and 11 stories high??

Crazy, right?

And of course, it was unsinkable. 

Well, we all know how that story ended!


For years, I pretended my ship was unsinkable.

You see some months in my business were really lucrative and some months were… well, not.

But I convinced myself that the highs outweighed the lows, both emotionally and financially.

I put my head in the sand and hid behind my beautiful courses, workshops and presentations I’d created.

“Fake it until you make it.” Isn’t that what they say?


The problem was I was faking it… and faking it… and consistently wasn’t making it!

In those emotional and financial lows, I’d pulled up online job boards and started the search to go back to my former career.

As I read each job description, I thought, “Oh, I could easily do that.”

But nothing excited me.


🛑 Wait a minute!

If I thought I could do those executive level jobs so easily, what was preventing me from successfully being the CEO that I needed to be for my business?

The answer was obvious.



My thoughts.

My self-imposed limitations.

That was the only thing preventing me from what I really wanted. 

It was then and there that I decided to make my business work consistently.

I have 100% control over my income potential.


Am I taking time off to ski on a Friday with my family?

I won’t be booking sales calls.


Do I want to focus attracting 3 more VIP Mentorship clients this month?

Do I want to plan a launch for my group program?


I get to choose and I can actively acknowledge the pros and cons of each decision and how those decisions impact my bank account and long-term strategy.

Ahhhh. How freeing is that???

Owning my income potential was a decision that changed everything.

I mapped out my year. 

“What and when will I be launching, creating, promoting, delivering?”


I got real with my numbers. I owned every single one. I owned the wins and the losses.

I invested in people who were further ahead on the path I wanted to learn.

I worked on my mindset.

I wrote down every result and success I had.

I wrote down my thoughts, emotions, strategies and actions that created each result.


I was done pretending I was unsinkable.

I was done hiding behind shiny objects.

I was done trying to be who everyone else wanted me to be.


And the single most important thing I did to step into my CEO role??


I trusted myself.

I ended a scarcity mindset.

Abundance is the only thing that matters now!

I actively peeled away the things that didn’t matter. 


I showed up authentically.

I taught others what it really takes, based on my results, to grow a business.

As I taught those results, my own results expanded.


Now, I take radical responsibility for my success.


Are you ready to translate your gifts and talents into a profitable and sustainable business? 

Are you ready to attract your dream clients?

Are you ready to support your family and those causes you care about?


Your business is bigger than you.

Let’s step up together. 


If you’re still here, it tells me you’re ready.

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With gratitude,



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