Facing fear creates unexpected results.

The river was raging…
An annual camping/mountain biking/rafting trip we took every year.

​But it was too soon.
Too soon to be in a group as if life was back to normal.

No matter how loving and understanding our group of friends were.
We weren’t ready.

But with no rules and no direction, we went anyway.

We had a day on the river.
It was a normal river trip, my husband at the oars.

​He was experienced. But this was a different stretch, in a different river.
The river was the highest it had been.
We stopped before the next rapid, making sure everyone had a game plan.

​We went for it…

​And then as if in slow motion…

​I looked back and saw my husband fly out of the raft.
He disappeared into the abnormally high river, rapids raging.
I screamed his name.

​I had lost my son a mere 4 months earlier and I was waiting for this other shoe to drop.

Grab the oars!

​Our friend in the boat snapped me back
He knew we couldn’t save him if we didn’t have control of the raft.
He wasn’t coming up.

He was…gone…?

My friend grabbed the oars.
And suddenly my husband popped up by the side of the raft
We got him in the boat.

I shook.

​Since that day, we do only mellow stretches of the river.
Family floats.
And I’ve held a deep respect and even deeper fear of the power of the river.

​This weekend, I realized my fear of the river was impeding my joy of our river trips.
7 rafts, inflatable kayaks, paddle boards.
Kids having a blast.

​So I stopped resisting.

​Instead of the safety and comfort of our raft with my husband at the oars, I was in my own duckie (inflatable kayak).
I was channeling my Meryl Streep!
River wild! (or not!) 😂

​It was the best river day I’d had for years.
I laughed as I paddled through the rapids

​My husband and friends reminded me when I started to go sideways into the rapid…

Paddle, paddle, paddle!


​I’ve laughed through my fears, connected with my coach, my clients in ways I’d never allowed myself before.


​Because no matter what I kept paddling.

​Facing fears and doing it anyway is power.
It’s control.

​And when I went sideways, I kept paddling.
Keep paddling my friends.

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