Can we get real for a moment??

​Are you procrastinating on launching your business and putting yourself out there to attract consistent clients?

And by procrastinating, I mean:

  • Researching your topic for months.
  • Buying online courses like they’re going out of style.
  • Joining every challenge or freebie that will help you piece together the perfect plan.
  • And cleaning out that closet that has been a disaster since 2010.

​​Are you feeling triggered yet?

​If so, your procrastination might not be for the reasons you think.

You might think you’re procrastinating because:

  • You’re scared of failure.
  • You’re unsure how to actually make the leap from your 9-5.
  • You think the timing is all wrong.

But what if there’s something else going on?

What if the root of your procrastination isn’t any of those things?

What if the real reason for your procrastination is that you know deep down, your business idea is not what you were put on this earth to create?

When I speak with corporate professionals who are ready to translate their talents and experiences into a business of their own there is ONE shift that happens in our first convo.

First, they tell me about their business consulting or coaching idea.

(It’s usually related to what they’re known for in their corporate job)

Then they pause.

I ask a few probing questions.

Then they say…

“Well, what I really want to do is…”

What comes out of their mouth next always gives me goosebumps.

Because it’s the real reason they want to start their own business.

And then…

I can feel their ego shutting it all down…

I know then, we have work to do!

Listen up!

The root of your procrastination is not your fear or uncertainty.

It’s your ego keeping you in your safety zone and preventing you from owning what you were put on this earth to create.

​Ready to shut down that ego?

Because I never want to see a talented powerhouse professional procrastinate on their dreams ever again… I’m opening 5 free strategy sessions for aspiring or new entrepreneurs who are ready to transform from overwhelmed to crying happy tears because you’ve finally figured out the path that is right for you.

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“Carrie YOU ARE AWESOME! In basically 30 minutes we figured out exactly my pain points and gaps of where I want to be versus where I am. You clearly explained and defined my next steps. There were NO tricks or gimmicks, no sleazy selling, just genuine understanding with clear, sound business practices to get to my goals. I also just genuinely enjoyed speaking with you and your presence, and I just left with SO much value after one quick call. Just WOW. I am excited to implement what we discussed and grow from there! Thank you thank you thank you!”

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