We are our own worst critic.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said this to myself or others.

​This experience was especially present after my son passed away as a result of a rare muscle disease.

​During this painful time, I wanted-

​no, NEEDED!

​To honor his life.

​My husband and I:​

  • volunteered in the NICU
  • donated much-needed supplies to support the nurses
  • shared our palliative care journey with providers, hoping to improve the experience for other patients and families
  • supported the creation of a palliative care room in the NICU
  • AND we were a resource for families with babies in the NICU

But it wasn’t enough…

​After all, there were so many others who had done so much more!

  • The family who started a foundation to find a cure for my son’s rare disease
  • The family who organized a community fundraiser to help others in need

They all seemed to do more than we did, even after they experienced a similar loss.

Nothing I did was “enough” to honor my son.

Even typing that now, in this moment, I shake my head and feel such gratitude for the decision I made to tell that inner critic to shove it!

It took awareness.

It took an active commitment to my future….every day!

When we are our own worst critic nothing is enough.

When nothing is enough…

We don’t celebrate our wins…

Which means we block more wins from coming in.

We compare ourselves to others.

We hold an arbitrary, self-imposed standard.

This serves no purpose other than to reinforce the unfounded story of not being good enough.

And it’s exhausting!

The TRUTH about being our own worst critic:

  • It fills our head with negative thoughts that will ALWAYS lead to undesirable results
  • It breeds people-pleasing
  • It breeds perfectionism: an unattainable standard
  • It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy for not being good enough
  • It takes a physical toll. We maintain a constant level of stress that our bodies must manage long term

👉How about trying something else??

You can choose to STOP being your own worst critic!

You have the power of choice in every situation.

You have the power to pause when you notice the negative thoughts.

You have the power to ask, how is this thought serving me and limiting me?

You have the power to choose how you want to feel instead.

What will you choose?

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Mindset is everything!

Are you ready to silence that inner critic so you can create the impact you actually want to create?

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You deserve success. I believe in you.

Yours in abundance,


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