It was fall break last week for my kindergartener.

​We drove to Aspen to stay with some friends.

We hiked, swam, went to the skatepark and rode our mountain bikes.

​We found a perfect beginner trail for my 6 year old to practice his mountain biking skills.

For the first mile he was confident, smooth and adventurous as he tried to keep up with our 11 year old family friend.

But on the way back to the car, the wheels started falling off (figuratively, not literally).

He got off his bike and declared, “This trail is too hard, I can’t do it.”

(Mind you it was an out and back so he had already ridden the trail once.)

“Mom, I’m NOT going to believe in myself.”

“Ok, buddy, but I believe in you no matter what,” (don’t laugh, I can get REAL “coachy” on him). “Why don’t you just try to ride to the next tree?”

“I will not. And I will not believe in myself…”

He continued to mumble under his breath.

​He walked his bike painstakingly slow…

Suddenly, his 11 year old friend who had dropped his bike back at the car came running up the trail.

“Hey Oliver, I’ll ride your bike back and you run. Let’s race!”

Oliver burst into a smile and got a second wind, racing his friend all the way back to the car.

This is what a business coach does…

It’s kind of a blend between the mom who tells you what you don’t want to hear and the friend who sees what will get you excited and will take you to the finish line.

When you refuse to believe in yourself, you need to have someone who does.

When you can’t see how your own actions have contributed to your success, you need someone to help you overcome imposter syndrome.

And when the strategy that used to work no longer does, you need a partner who knows what will excite you so that you can co-create a revised version of your personalized plan.

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