“Oooh, this is comfy back here!”

​I was driving the first leg of our road trip.
My husband was in the way-back of the minivan, with AC vents, plug-ins for our chargers, comfy pillows, the lap of road trip luxury!
He was validating his decision to convince me to get a mini-van!

​I’d already decided to embrace this rite of passage and to make this minivan road trip memorable!
I was going to serve inside my group and go live all the way across the US!
It was a blast!

​I spilled some awesome Profitable Happy Hacks and spent most of the day in the DMs answering my members’ questions.
I went live from the back of the minivan just once because I underestimated the car sickness and screen combo!

​You can watch it here!

​Here are my two biggest lessons from my road trip working from the back of a mini-van:

  1. Work is not work when you build a business you LOVE to be in every day.
  2. Most entrepreneurs underestimate the power of irons in the fire.

​Here’s the thing, posting from Facebook group to Facebook group is exhausting and defeating.
You may get a few calls, but for the most part it’s an exercise in futility.

​Instead, focus on how many irons you can put in the fire.
How many connections can you make for the sake of connecting?

​If you aren’t getting results, connect. In a real way. Serve for the sake of service.
Play the long game.
Your sustainability depends on it.

It wasn’t that long ago that I had a “feast or famine” business. Now my revenue is elevated and sustainable. Every month.
And I’m on a mission to show you how to do the same!

Are you ready to create a sustainable business that scales?

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Profitable Happy Entrepreneurs decide it is happening.
They choose action over status quo.
They create results instead of distractions.

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​Yours in Abundance,

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