The transition from corporate to entrepreneurship is full of every possible emotion…



But there is one emotion that no one is talking about.


I happen to be a bit of an expert on grief.

Unfortunately, most of us who have gone through devastating loss in our personal lives gain this unwanted expertise.

But it was another area of grief in which my expertise was unexpected.

Professional grief.


When I launched my business, I was initially excited.

But soon my self-doubt kicked in and gave way to a sense of sadness and loss.

I found myself grieving my professional community.

I was now an outsider.

I grieved the loss of security.

I grieved the loss of the title that automatically gave me respect, authority and the identity of a leader.


In fact, my leadership identity was so tightly tethered to my title and role in my organization, that when I cut that cord, I inadvertently cut my identity as a leader.

Without that leadership identity tethered to something deeper inside of me, I made decisions that directly slowed my business growth.

I took on engagements that were not aligned with my true genius and passion.

My novice-induced self doubt in this new entrepreneurial world led to bad decisions in investments and hiring.

I was working long hours. Spending lots of time away from my family. I was stressed. I was creating a business based on feast or famine income.

Fast forward to today… I’ve created a profitable business I love that allows me to create amazing memories with my family and spend time doing what we love.


When did it all shift?

Quite simply: When I took ownership of my results.

I had to go back to the basics and identify what it was that I actually wanted to create.

I needed to make a radical shift.

It started by being purposeful in who I needed to be in my business.

I separated myself from my business by asking two different questions when I was overwhelmed.


What do I need today?

What does my business need today?


​I redefined what it meant to me to be a leader in my business.

I was leading a mission to create a more connected world.

I was leading potential clients by serving them in ways they have never felt supported before.

I created a community of support.

I redefined my expectations of my old professional network. This created more authentic conversations and connections, allowing me to stop fearing their judgement.

Whether you are launching your business from the hierarchy of the C-suite or anywhere else within an organization, it’s important to acknowledge how your grief and sense of loss might be holding you back.


Ask yourself these 4 questions:


  • What is your new definition of leadership as the CEO of your business?
  • What mission are you leading?
  • What do you need today?
  • What does your business need today?


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