What if we created more “ta-da!!” moments in our businesses and lives?

​You know, like the exclamation point at the end of a magician’s amazing magic trick when we all proceed to “oooh” and “ahhh” over the amazing trick they just pulled off.











Imagine how life and business would look if we created our own “ta-da!” moments every day?

“I just posted on my personal page! TA-DA!!”
“I just booked a sales call! TA-DA!!”
“I just added one more amazing human to my Facebook group! TA-DA!!”

I know, I know, it sounds ridiculous, but hear me out…

One morning this week I woke up at 3 am, thanks to Henry Melvin licking my nose asking to go outside after eating something that disagreed with him.


I wiped off the covers and walked downstairs…
and I started to get that overwhelmed feeling.

“Well, I guess I’m up!”


“Why does everything seem so important and urgent at 3am!?”
“No, I’m going back to sleep!!”

​After tossing and turning, I relented.

I sat in meditation at 4:30 am.
I wrote in my journal.

I wrote “ta-da!”
I wrote “Laughter”.

“Ok, got it.”

It was then that I realized both had been missing the last couple of weeks.

Both have been essential elements to my resilience and business growth, so without them, I stall emotionally and physically.

Whenever I find laughter I know I’m on the right path.

Creating “ta-da!” moments is easy when we’re able to laugh; to find the lightness in a situation.

I learned this lesson first in the hospital with my son who was born with a rare muscle disease.

Laughter was our best medicine.

We created movie-trailer videos with our little guy as the star, always dressed in some ridiculous outfit!

We had a literal pool party in his NICU room. (Our room was THE place to be!)

We formed a bucket list checking off ridiculous activities, creating memories that would last a lifetime.

While I didn’t realize it then, creating those “ta-da!” moments during the long, difficult days in the NICU has been the biggest game changer in how I parent, who I am in my business, and how I show up with my clients.

We have fun. I have fun.

​We laugh at ourselves when taking ourselves too seriously isn’t working.

And so when I feel overwhelmed…

My first antidote is to find the lightness.
Make “ta-da!” moments out of the mundane.
Find the fun.

Creating laughter and “ta-da!” in your business will get you through the tough times too.

How can you anchor lightness and laughter into your journey?

Check out the P.S. if you need a little help!

With gratitude,

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