I pulled into the Target parking lot after being on my feet all day in some hotel conference room.

I was exhausted.

I called my husband. “This is NOT what I want to be doing.”

I’d just completed a strategic retreat for a group of amazing clients.

And yet, I was so depleted. Unfulfilled.

Wondering how much longer I could keep pushing.

The money for doing the retreat was great… But it was spent long before that day on credit card bills for some cookie cutter programs that I thought were my way out of the feast or famine business I had inadvertently built.

That night after drowning my stress and exhaustion into a pint of Ben and Jerry’s, I knew I wanted and deserved more.

I was done lying awake at night wondering:

Where is my next client? Will we ever be able to book a vacation again?

Could we afford to make improvements to our house?

Or even donate to the causes I cared about and used to support in my corporate world?

I thought: “How do people actually do this and have a life and consistent revenue.”

It wasn’t fun anymore.

Then the guilt set in. I loved my clients. I should be grateful…

And I was.

But I couldn’t give in to a sense of duty to others over my dreams.

Why couldn’t I work with my dream clients and build the legacy I wanted?

I had a heart-to-heart with my coach.

It was a conversation I’d been having with her for months. But this time, I was ready.

She pushed me. She encouraged me. She forced me to go in before I went out.

I started the internal work on what I truly believed and who I was in my business.

I declared my big dream of building a community of professional women who created an entrepreneurial world where we would pitch with passion, abundantly support and promote one another, and create more fun and laughter than we had known possible.

Oh and we never had to wear a business suit again if we didn’t want to! 😉

I gave myself permission to only work with clients and do the work I loved in healthcare while helping other women get out of their corporate constraints.

I ignored everyone who said I couldn’t do both.

I started to work on creating content that was from my heart. It was bold and shared opinions and perspectives I’d never shared.

It was scary.

I started to get some traction and even some clients…

My exhaustion turned into hope…

Hope turned into belief.

My business actually started to be fun!!

I began to believe that I was enough and I could create a business doing what I love with consistent clients.

But how?

I looked for a roadmap to consistent clients that worked for me, a former professional with 25 years of experience, and a mom who was not dying to be on social media all day long…

I searched for a roadmap that didn’t exist, so I created one!

I closed high-ticket sales in the chat.

I booked sales calls that were a ‘yes’ before I started talking.

I sold out a launch before I formally launched.

Healthcare dream clients came out of the woodwork with no lengthy proposals and endless sales cycles.

Now, because I slowed down to speed up and took ownership of creating my roadmap and results, I know exactly where my next clients are coming from.

I feel powerful in my businesses.

My excitement isn’t only when I get a client, it’s every day that I wake up excited to engage with my community, connect, create and serve.

I’m forever grateful that I chose to ignore my ego and follow my heart.

If you’re ready for consistent clients,

I never want another woman to feel defeated again. I’m here when you are ready!

And I happen to have a unique beta opportunity open right now so if you’re ready,

With gratitude,

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