Don’t you just loooooovee an “unpopular opinion”?
Yeah, me too!
So here you go…

​The unpopular opinion that could change your business asap.

​I cringe at the thought of “pocket offers” and “no brainer offers”
Because I believe in giving people what they need to be successful.

​👏 Low ticket offers are like the discount airlines that are sooo tempting!

Picture this: You want to fly from California to Florida.
You search airlines and find the cheapest flight you can!
SCORE! I can get across the entire US for just $99!
Wow, what a deal!

​Oh wait, I have to pay more for checking luggage.
No problem, I’ll carry my luggage on the plane.
Oh, wait, I have to pay even more for that.

​And my seat, yep, I have to pay for that too.
Oh I have a tickle in my throat, I could use some water on this flight.
You guessed it! There’s a charge for your water!
Oh and the air I breathe? Yep, pay for that too! 😂​

By the end, you’ve paid more to get to Florida on the “cheap airline” than just one click on the airline that tells you upfront what the cost is actually going to be to get to Florida.

​This online world is telling you to climb the pricing ladder!
Slowly inch your way up to what your offer is actually worth.

​Or even better, break up your offer into bite-sized pieces.
Just give little snippets of what they need and then upsell into another program.

​I don’t know about you, but I didn’t stop climbing the corporate ladder to climb another ladder instead!

​I believe in transparency.
I believe in valuing my clients enough to give you what you need to make consistent revenue online!

​You can learn to create high ticket offers.
You can learn to sell high ticket offers.

​My programs don’t mess around with “pocket offers.”

​You don’t have time.
You have lives to change.
You have an impact to expand.

​Let’s get you to your income goal faster so you can expand your impact faster.

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👏 You’re done with all the cookie cutter, copy and paste strategies that are overwhelming and make you feel like everyone else in the online world. You want to build a business based on your strengths that helps you stand out in the crowded online world.

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​Yours in abundance,

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