Wait, what? Did I just write that… that cookie cutter tactics work??

Isn’t my entire business and brand built on building your business in a way that is aligned with you and your strengths so that it’s fun and doesn’t burn you out??

​Yes, yes, it is… but hear me out…

​There are A LOT of business coaches out there selling one size fits all tactics making way more 💰💰 than I do!

​Early on I invested in 3 different coaches who gave me the exact same template to launch my shiny new course with a webinar!

​So I dutifully followed the templates and one size fits all plan. And the results??

​Well, pretty underwhelming…
So what gives?

​My first response back then was this…
“What’s wrong with me? Why do I suck at marketing??”

​But as I evolved and developed client attraction as the basis to grow….
It got me thinking.

​Cookie cutter sells because the seller has the results.
My client attraction “make it your own” programs sell because I have the results.

​So why do both strategies work?
One word.
Actually, two words.

​Engaged audience.

​Most entrepreneurs fail because they prioritize developing and selling over audience growth and engagement.

​Quick wins!
Instant gratification!

​Here’s what I know about quick wins:
You have to slow down to speed up.

​When I slowed down a minute to focus on serving and building my audience, my revenue growth rapidly and aggressively shot up!

​So what’s the right question to ask?

​How do you build and grow an engaged audience who needs the solution that you offer?

There are lots of ways to do this:

  • Paid ads
  • Cold outreach
  • The old… friend request → DM → ”You’d be a perfect fit for my XYZ” method
  • Software that captures emails
  • And so so many more

But the one way I’ve built a small but mighty audience who is engaged and invested?

​🔥 Organic lead generation.

​Are you ready to learn my super secret (ok, not so secret because I share it with my clients every day) lead generation system that requires ZERO cold outreach?


​I’ve created a masterclass spilling all the beans!
Want access??
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Yours in abundance,

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