“Don’t weigh yourself for 3 weeks??”
“What? Why?”

“Because you have unrealistic expectations!
You haven’t done the work yet!
Just stick with the plan and you will see results.”

​After a 3-year hiatus from my trainer, I thought I deserved the results!

​I mean, I showed up for 3 days straight!
I was sore in all the right places!
The scale would show it, right??

​Logically, we all know that’s not the case. But emotionally we want it SO bad!
So why do we expect anything different in our business?
None of us is entitled to clients.

​If we ghost our audience, then show up for 3 days straight and expect to book calls, we’ll have a rude awakening!

​Here’s the thing…
We get to do the work.
AND, when the “work” is working, it doesn’t feel like work at all!

​So how about we focus on what we need to do to get results, instead of going into a downward spiral when the scale hasn’t moved down 10 pounds after 3 days?

​Inside Clarity to Clients Online Business Accelerator today, we talked about 3 questions we can ask when we think we’re doing the work, but nothing is working!

  1. Strategy:

    Do you have an actual personalized client attraction strategy that begins with one platform, talking to one person and one offer you want to shout from the rooftops about because it’s so awesome??!

    Do you have a personalized sales and marketing plan that fits your strengths?

    Or are you throwing spaghetti at the wall?

  2. Systems:

    How are you executing on your strategy?

    Are you aligning the execution of your strategy with your energy?

    Are you hustling at all costs and burning yourself out?

    What system do you need in place to ensure successful execution?

  3. Mindset:

    How do you feel about your audience?

    How do you feel about your ability to reach success?

    Are there stories of loss that you created around the result of reaching success?

    Do you feel worthy of results?

    So. Much. Mindset. Trash!

​Clients are creating massive shifts and results from these 3 areas of business.

​Start to see beyond $10K months and into the strategies, systems and mindset that allow you to scale into a sustainable business!

​Are you ready to finally believe the ultimate path to your revenue goals is to invest in a program that helps you create and scale a business your way?

​You deserve not to struggle anymore.
I see you. I know what’s right around the corner for you and it’s glorious over here.
Want to join me?

I’ve opened my calendar tomorrow for action-takers ready to create real results.

​Are you ready to be your own success story?

​​Let’s chat and define the actual path to make that story a reality!

Yours in abundance,

​P.S. Ready to create 6 figures so you can scale your business? Ready to end the feast or famine cycle and create peace, flow and abundance?

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