Yesterday in the Launch and Lead Mastermind call we went deep into clients’ goals they wanted so badly they could taste them…

We talked a lot about what it means to go all in and go big to
monetize their authority…Strategy, systems, mindset…And the
scary parts of success…

The lies we have been told and how to grow, scale and stand out
online in a way that feels aligned…

The bottom line??

Standing out is the messaging that monetizes your authority…

But standing out doesn’t mean you need to be loud, show your
bo0bs or some other attention getting strategy!!(umm, I won’t be
doing that!!)

What comes to mind when you hear “standing out”?

That if you stand out too much, it doesn’t allow other women to
stand out? That if you stand out you will make others feel bad?

How often do you downplay your results?
How often do you edit what you REALLY want to say?

I have closed over $200K in revenue in 8 months from ONE

I teach to monetize your authority…

I’ve had massive wins like a $37K week, a $56K month…

My client has booked more sales call in the 2 months in the
program than over the lifetime of her business…And yet…we

Because we are battling those societal stories.

We are taught to fit in, blend in, play small…To what end?

So we can show our friends, daughters, nieces, sisters, moms how
to play small too??

Playing small is the source of the struggle…

Why do you think that struggle has to be part of this journey?

Spoiler alert, it doesn’t…

We don’t need to connect with others on our problems…We are not
in the 9-5 going to happy hours complaining about the boss…

You are the boss…
You are the authority…

Inside my programs, I teach client attraction strategy, systems, and
mindset so that you create consistent and elevated revenue online…

But the most important result that my clients achieve?

🔥Stepping into their authority so that they can happily stand out and openly monetize it…

So let me share a truth…

👏Right now, someone is looking to you for inspiration.


What do they already see that you don’t?

They see you and your capabilities and potential.

They are waiting for you to see it…

Do you see it?
Do you feel it?

It’s not just seeing is believing…

It’s feeling is believing.
Do you feel it?

Your time is now…

I’ll help you authentically stand out online to massively
monetize your authority
 in a way that feels good and aligned
with who you actually are!

And I promise, no one needs to show their bo0bs! 😂

Book a call here 🌺

In abundance,


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