There have been exactly 2 times in my life when my breath was taken away.

​We walked into a church…out of place, not belonging.

​We didn’t go to church as adults.

​But now we desperately needed one.

​A funeral. A celebration of a life cut too short

​It needed to be perfect.

​As I walked in I looked up.

​I gasped and caught my breath…

​Paper cranes? In a church??

They were white.

​Hundreds of them were hanging in the exact same pattern as we had hung them over my son’s NICU bed and then his nursery at home.

My husband’s family in Singapore had hand-folded 1000 colorful origami paper cranes and sent them to us months earlier.

They were a sign of hope and a beautiful source of inspiration to keep going.

​One crane at a time.

​Be present. One choice at a time.

​…Years later, that moment would flash in my mind like it was yesterday.

​Decisions to be made for my rainbow baby who was 5.

​What school? When to send him?

​Used to overanalyzing every kid decision…

​School tours…


​We walked in…

​I once again caught my breath, so many years later.

​Paper cranes! Hanging at the entrance.

​I fought back the tears.

​I smiled.

​One choice at a time.

​Trust that with each choice my path would unfold.

​🌺Trusting those moment to moment choices has transformed my business.

​🔥It’s a multiple 6 figure business because I stopped jumping from A-Z.

​For years, I tried to jump from where I was to where I wanted to be.

​Frustrated!! Defeated!

What was wrong with me??

​Why wasn’t I getting to “Z” faster!!

​Nothing was working…

​Until I made yet another choice.

​🌺Learning from the paper cranes moments, I chose to be present and appreciate each step.

​🚀To stop jumping and to start walking so I could run.

​I decided to allow the growth, skill and self assurance that comes with actually focusing and enjoying the in-between steps

​Focusing on the revenue producing activities.

​Creating joy in those activities…

​It got me to exactly where I am today.


​In flow.

​Experiencing long term sustainability.

​Impact. Revenue.

​Peace. Content.

​👉What if finding peace, contentment and revenue flow was as simple as appreciating the gift of where you are now, and committing to the step by step path to get you to where you want to go?

​🔥Creating a step by step lead generating path by focusing on revenue producing activities can be fun, easy and fast.

​We all have those ‘paper crane’ moments that lead us to exactly where we want to be.

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​Yours in abundance,


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