Are you looking around with a wee bit of envy when other entrepreneurs are elevating their monthly revenue like it’s their job?

Oh wait…

Yep, it might be your job too!


When I first started in this online world I used to look around at other entrepreneurs announcing 10K months! 20K months! 100K months! (or like my coach… 200K months!)

Compare and despair.

I get it.

Been there done that…


Until I learned to turn my self doubt into my superpower.

AND my biggest client attraction strategy.

No, I don’t mean posting “struggle” posts and connecting in that low vibe way.

I mean uncovering the opportunity in my own self-doubt and showing others how to do the same!


Self-doubt in the entrepreneurial world can take many forms:

  • Undervalued pricing
  • Humble communication instead of boldly articulating the life-changing transformation we know we can get clients through our offers
  • Simply not showing up in a way that inspires connection because we’re hiding behind who we think everyone else expects us to be
  • Not selling at all, because in our past careers it was considered slimy or the new 4-letter-word


Here’s the thing!

Self-doubt is a given.

Allowing self-doubt to hold you back is a choice.

One of my Clarity to Clients Online Business Accelerator clients said to me:

“I need to make money this month or else, I have to get a job.
So I have to find my clients!!”

“Ok, How much do you need to make?” I asked.

“$3000,” she responded.


Got it, easy peasy, let’s get to work.

She shared her doubt in making it happen so quickly.

I knew this wasn’t about building a following or getting more visible online.


I knew it was about overcoming self-doubt through:

  • Clarity
  • Confidence, and
  • Conversion


You see, offers fly off the shelf when you get crystal clear on who you are first.

Then you create an offer that your clients clamor over because it speaks to the future self they long to be.

When you articulate a future for your clients they never imagined possible and show them the achievable path to get there, then price is secondary.

That’s exactly what my amazing Clarity to Client Online Business Accelerators are doing.


So what happened with the client above?

She did an impromptu Facebook live inside our highly supportive private group.

She was calm. 

She was in awe.

She had just wiped away her tears of joy prior to the live.

She shared that the clarity combined with the tools she’d learned in just 2 weeks worked!

It caused her to own what she really wanted to do, not what everyone else expected her to do.

She shifted her focus.

She finally got out of her own way.


And in that clarity, she easily created a process and offer that was transformational.

She learned to price it according to the value and not her limiting belief about what people are willing to pay.

She shared that she just closed her first $3,200 client!

In the first week of the month in which she required $3,000 to prove to herself she could do it!

The first week!


She now has the plan to replicate her success and has 3 more weeks to blow that goal out of the water before month ends!

Because let’s face it… she set that goal out of self-doubt, and now she truly knows what she’s capable of.

And the best part?

The universe tested her…


A job offer landed in her email.

Had this been before Clarity to Clients Online Accelerator and closing $3,200 so quickly, she likely would have considered it…

Taking precious time away from building her legacy and serving in her genius.

But on that day…

It was a quick delete.


The lesson?

Everything can change for you.

It can change quickly.

Are you ready for elevated consistent revenue?


Book a FREE strategy call here where I will help you uncover the next 3 actions you can take to close your next client fast.

Let’s turn your self-doubt induced confusion into your superpower!


Your partner in building profit and happiness!


P.S. Speaking of profit and happiness, join our growing and supportive community of Profitable Happy Female Entrepreneurs. Last week we talked about how to get clients instead of simply getting more visible and this week we talked about the secrets behind consistent 10k months.

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